ADA Spokesperson: Vaping Can Have Similar Effect On Teeth As Cigarette Smoking

Health (8/27, O’Neill) featured information from American Dental Association spokesperson Dr. Matthew Messina in an article discussing how vaping may affect oral health. Vaping adds “heat in the mouth,” Dr. Messina says, which “changes the bacterial presence in the mouth. It dries the mouth out.” Dr. Messina adds, “[The] rate of tooth decay increases, sometimes dramatically, if we dry the mouth out.” In addition, vaping can lead to tooth discoloration because of the presence of nicotine, inflamed gum tissue, and bone loss, he says. “It’s important to stress the fact that while vaping is new and is being actively studied, we have to consider vaping and cigarette smoking relatively the same, as far as the effects on the teeth and gum tissues,” says Dr. Messina.

The AP (8/28) reported that there have been “nearly 200 reported incidents of vaping-related illnesses in 22 states,” and last week, the New York Times (8/23, Richtel, Kaplan) reported that public health officials announced the first vaping-related death. In a media statement, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the “death in Illinois reinforces the serious risks associated with e-cigarette products.” #oralcare #oralhealth #healthysmiles #goodhabits #healthysmilesmatter #smilemore #takecareofyourself #ada #americandentalassociation #drstephendeehan