Dental Care Available At Olympic Village Polyclinic

CNN (8/5, Gupta, Kounang, Lamotte) reported on the facilities available to handle medical emergencies in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games. Dr. Antonio Marttos, a trauma surgeon from the University of Miami, is overseeing all trauma and emergency services during the Games, which includes the Olympic Village Polyclinic, a mini hospital in the Olympic Village that provides everything from emergency services to dental care, along with the Americas Medical City facility, which is composed of two hospitals, one that will cater to athletes and the other to Olympic dignitaries and VIPs.

Meanwhile, the Voice Online (UK) (8/5) stated a report by dental researchers found athletes have a significantly higher risk of tooth erosion than non-athletes. The study found the athletes had high carbohydrate consumption, including sports drinks, gels, and bars during training, which may have contributed to a higher risk of tooth decay and dental erosion. Dr. Nigel Carter, CEO of the Oral Health Foundation, said, “If everyday people taking part in sport, including children, are looking to copy their Olympic hero’s habits, it is important to limit the amount of times they have anything acidic or sugary.” provides additional information for patients on foods that affect dental health.


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